2009-06-20 18:15:53 by Emilerules97

So I'm working on 2 different games.

One of the game hasn't really got a name yet, but its about World War 3, and you are a soldier, and you can shoot. That for the moment, I'm working on the walking cycle, its going pretty good, in fact, I'm impressed with it because its my first official game, and, I SUCK at programming.

The second game is called "Halo Resistance", or "Disarmed Series: HALO". As you can see I think I'm going to start a game series where you have no weapon of any sort, and you must use the WASD keys and some more to find out what happened. That game is set in the halo world of course, and I made it using halo sprites.

Now both games are platfromers, thanks to this easy tutorial for opening my mind and pushing me to start those games.

Here is a snapshot on the Halo game.



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2009-06-26 23:01:03

can i help?
im a great programmer and very bad at art so I may be of assistance (if you want)


2009-11-03 21:17:24